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photo gallery of
Dogwood Cottage
and places nearby...


Mermaid Street, Rye
Welcome to the Ancient Town of Rye!
Camber Sands






River Tillingham

Dawn at Dogwood Cottage Campsite

Tillingham Valley






Brede Valley

A Dogwood dog in the woods!

Brede pond

View from the path to the pub!

Oast House

Mermaid Street, Rye

Powdermill Reservoir Tillingham Valley
Brede High Woods -
648 acres of ancient woodland
and cultural history to walk to and explore!

Brede Lane and the enchanted woods it passes through
Dogwood Cottage Campsite Crazy lane!

Please close the gate!
Rich in birdlife, this Greater Spotted Woodpecker
 is one of our many feathered visitors
Dogwood Cottage Campsite


Horses by Pottery lane
Dogwood Cottage Campsite

Brede Village and Brede Church

The way to Brede...

Campsite in Autumn


Brede Valley
Teasel at Dogwood
Sheep, Brede River Valley

Little Park Wood, Brede
Rich in birdlife, these Goldfinches
 are some of our many feathered visitors
Little Park Wood, Brede

Cackle Street, Brede in snow - turn left to camp...
Open all year! Snowy view from the campsite


The Dogwood dogs

Brede tree

Looking out across the Brede Valley

The veg garden...
One of many footpaths...
View from Brede Church

St George's Church Brede Ypres Tower, Rye The Hope and Anchor Hotel,
Watchbell Street, Rye

Ypres Tower, Rye Dog at Rabbitwood Church of St Mary, Rye


Pump Street, Rye
View from Cock Marling
toward La Manche
View from Cock Marling
toward La Manche
Bodiam Castle Dogwood Daffodils Knight in Shining Armour
at Bodiam Castle


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